No. 38 | 11.12.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 38
No. 37 | 17.04.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 37
Saudi perspective: The U.S. is wrong to play “balance” in the Middle East, how would China choose?
It is necessary for Chinese companies to refer to the US and Japanese experience when dealing with Indonesia
No. 32 | 11.03.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 32
The importance of the Sino-Russian strategic relationship
Ambassador Qin Gang on the Winter Olympics and Xinjiang issue in interview with NPR
Why China’s shrinking population won’t impact economic prospects
Documentary released on CPC’s “zero tolerance” approach to corruption
The beginning of Marxism in China: from the Nanchang Uprising to the Jinggang Mountain Revolutionary Base
No. 29 | 27.02.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 29
No. 35 | 27.02.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 35
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After the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Macron’s quest for “independence and autonomy” is at hand?
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Fuzi: Some studies on the Chinese system overstate the interplay between the central government and the land and the bar
No. 33 | 20.02.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 33
Moon Wing Phantom: Who would have thought that it cracked the anti-China code of the Japanese media
No. 34 | 20.02.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 34
Biden doesn’t know yet that the Chinese have completely won over Trump
Will the new crown disappear in March 2022?
No. 28 | 09.01.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 28
Understanding the evolution of the New Cold War
Why there are no urban slums in China
The politics behind the “metaverse”
Starlink program’s challenge to international space security
Zhou Enlai’s Legacy in the Belt and Road Initiative
No. 27 | 02.01.2022
Chinese Voices – No. 27
The US is trying to impede China’s rise. How will China achieve its second centenary goal?
China’s next challenge: from food security to food supply security
China’s “latecomer advantage” in achieving carbon neutrality
China-Russia relations and a new Eurasia paradigm
Common prosperity emphasizes economic development and socialist work ethic rather than creating a “welfare state”
This Zhou Enlai-led institution is the key to understanding the “new nationwide system”
No. 26 | 26.12.2021
Chinese Voices – No. 26
Hong Kong democracy under the framework of “one country, two systems”
Why China needs to ease economic policy for stabilizing growth
Digitalization is reshaping China’s counties and villages
A Chinese PhD graduate’s insights into industrialization in Africa
Assessing the history and legacy of “Mao Zedong fever”